Sustainable Web3 Adoption: creating new economic opportunities

5-6 April, 2023

The University Club of Western Australia

The WAWEB3 Conference offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments in Web3, including sustainability, security, regulations, digital assets and the Metaverse. Hear from policy makers, academics, business leaders and experts who are shaping the future of this dynamic field. You will have a chance to network with peers and build new relationships with others who share your passion for Web3. Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur, investor, or simply interested in the future of technology, this conference has something for you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the Web3 today.

Conference Partners & Sponsors

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming part of this special event.

Conference Program

Subject to changes

Day One: 5 April

The conference starts with a dynamic showcase of leading international and local Web3 startups and continues with highlighting practical use cases for commerce and advertising in the metaverse. Attendees will also learn how web3 solutions aid in achieving sustainable development, including the impact of AI on work, before gathering for an open public lecture on growth opportunities through web3 education and research.  Presenters and invited guests join for a special dinner and networking event to conclude the day.

Day Two: 6 April 

Day two of the conference offers the absolute latest must-know in web3 delivered in a series of thematic panels by leading experts and practitioners in their respective fields of finance, blockchain for industry and regulations of digital assets. Keynote speakers draw the big picture of benefits and challenges to web3 adoption. A sundowner cocktail at a picturesque Swan River venue closes the busy day. 

Post-Conference Activities

Attendees are encouraged to explore the best of WA during networking and leisure activities in the post-conference weekend. We offer assistance in organising events.    

Conference Speakers


The list of our conference speakers is regularly updated as we welcome and confirm new presenters.


Conference participants are required to buy a ticket. Ticket holders have access to all general admission conference panel and catering activities and will participate in a draw to win a free entry to a VIP conference dinner. They are also eligible to receive a free conference NFT. A very special and limited edition of NFT-only tickets with surprises will be available before the conference. Limited number of discounted admissions is available to students and eligible community members.


The face-to-face WAWEB3 conference is an exclusive event open to invited speakers and guests. General admission tickets are offered in limited numbers. Some events, like the Web 3 Lecture are open to the public via RSVP.

Online inclusion: educational panels and presentations will be transmitted live online via our web2 and web3 channels. Please express your interest via contact form.

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WAWEB3 aims to exceed its goals and provide the best expereince to its stakeholders. We reserve the right to make any changes, especially due to unforsean circumstances, to best meet our objectives. 



The Western Australia WEB3 (WAWEB3) is an emerging not-for-profit association facilitating the mass adoption of web3 regionally and globally by:

  • Providing Web3 education including the WAWEB3 Conference
  • Building physical and digital Web3 infrastructure in WA
  • Attracting Web3 talents and capital to WA
  • Expanding the inclusive network of collaborating stakeholders across government, industry, academia and diverse socio-cultural communities with significant involvement of First Nations peoples