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Join us in building web3 the next evolution of the internet: human-centric, inclusive, sustainable, innovative.  

Powered by Blockchain and advanced by AI, IoT, Quantum, Smart Manufacturing and Renewable Energy.  



Western Australia WEB3 (WAWEB3) is a not-for-profit incorporated association committed to creating a diversified, sustainable and inclusive ecosystem that fosters the welfare of its community through the widespread adoption of web3 technologies.

Our mission is accomplished by:

  • Promoting Web3 literacy through educational initiatives and engaging events.
  • Building innovative Web3 infrastructure grounded in research.
  • Facilitating global growth opportunities within the Web3 economy.
  • Attracting Web3 talents and capital to contribute to the growth of the region.
  • Expanding an inclusive network of collaborating stakeholders, including government, industry, academia, and diverse socio-cultural communities, with significant involvement of First Nations peoples.



    At the heart of Web3 is its people. WAWEB3 thrives because of an extraordinary network of individuals, all driven by a shared vision of forging a more inclusive and sustainable digital economy. Many of our team work diligently behind the scenes, playing varied roles within our dynamic, flexible organisational structure. They are the unsung heroes whose versatility and adaptability are the backbone of our success. We are privileged to have many members who provide expert professional services as advisers to our organisation and we are proudly highlighting them here.

    Neal Cross

    Neal Cross

    Fintech Industry Advisor

    Co-Founder of PictureWealth

    Prof. Antonia Girardi

    Prof. Antonia Girardi

    Business Academic Advisor

    Pro Vice Chancellor, College of Business, Dean Murdoch Business School

    Lisa Wade

    Lisa Wade

    Social Impact & Inclusion Advisor

    CEO of DigitalX

    Prof. Paul Bergey

    Prof. Paul Bergey

    Data Science Academic Advisor

    Director, Centre of Business Analytics,
    UWA Business School

    Prof. Donella Caspersz

    Prof. Donella Caspersz

    SMEs Engagement Advisor

    Assoc. Prof. at UWA Business School

    Meng (Mike) Yan

    Meng (Mike) Yan

    Blockchain Architecture Development Advisor

    Co-Founder of Solv Protocol Co-Author of ERC 3525 Token Standard

    Aparna Jhajharia

    Aparna Jhajharia

    Digital Trade Transformation Advisor

    Director, Partnerships at Proxtera

    Dr Xiao Zhang

    Dr Xiao Zhang

    Web3 Privacy and Digital Identity Advisor

    Founder of zCloak Network

    Menuccia Tassone

    Menuccia Tassone

    Strategic Communications & Marketing Advisor

    WA Government, WA Marketing Association

    Belle Lou

    Belle Lou

    Law & Compliance Advisor

    Corporate and Commercial Lawyer

    Sebastian Teo

    Sebastian Teo

    Blockchain Architecture Advisor

    Blockchain and Software Engineer


    General enquiries: admin@waweb3.org

    Regular Updates: Linkedin


    Participate in our events, get involved and become a WAWEB3 Member benefiting form our NFT-based programs. Our gamified belonging offers a new type of rewarding experience and joy from doing the right thing.

    Enjoy the special experience if you know your web3 digital way: you can now mint your 2024 WAWEB3 digital membership, with significant discounts for entry to our events, and other special access benefits with the iconic Swanessa badge. It’s not only an NFT – it’s a collectable art! The Artwork was created by an acclaimed Australian artist, Nena Salobir. Mind, this is our innovative and experimental offer for those web3 savvy. Once you minted your membership badge register it at admin@waweb3.org 



    Events, such as international and local conferences, industry workshops, academic public lectures and community meetups are our main means for a multi-stakeholder community engagement and public education. We have at least four international larger events a year and our main annual WEB3 conference is held at the end of the first quarter every year. You can see highlights of our events in a chronological order from the latest below. 

    2024 Q2 EVENT:

    BLOCKCHAIN AUSTRALIA WEEK WITH WAWEB3: Defining the Frontiers of Web3 Adoption

    Join WAWEB3 online for the second consecutive year celebrating Blockchain Australia Week from WA with the support by the City of Perth and BTKN and featuring world thought leaders from Australia and overseas. This year we are exploring the fronties defining web and its adoption: Panel 1: WEB3 DePIN and Climate Tech with Leo Lin, CEO and Founder of AIToS; Boyd Cohen, Academic Director of Sustainability at EGADE Business School Mexico, and Julian Kruger, Founder and CEO of Ecocene, WA. Panel 2: AI and Quantum in WEB3 with Prof. Jingbo Wang, Quantum Computing, University of Western Australia, Natasha Blycha, CEO, Director, Stirling & Rose, Expert in AI Law and Ethics; Dr Bharath Ramesh, Neuromorphic Engineering from Western Sydney University. Panel 3. Shawn Lim, APAC Lead @ Interop Labs, Scott Waller, Partner at EY.


    Limited Online Places Available 

     2024 Q1 EVENT:


    20-21 March 2024 | Perth, Western Australia

    Western Australia Web3 Association with the Global Fintech Institute



    Thank you distinguished speakers for sharing your insights on web3 from diverse perspectives with us! 

    We discovered the latest trends and innovations in web3 technologies to build the most sustainable web3 ecosystem in the region. This was a must-attend event for businesses small and large, government representatives, academics, tech enthusiasts, developers, creatives community leaders and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We immersed yourself in interactive workshops, engaging panel discussions, and inspiring keynote speeches by renowned world experts in the field. We networked with like-minded individuals and expand your professional connections while enjoying world’s most picturesque scenery, gourmet food, drinks, and event’s entertainment. 


    Please contact us if you are interested in becoming part of this special event.




    WAWEB3 at the legendary West Tech Fest! Explore how Web3 is revolutionising economic, environmental, and social landscapes in Western Australia. See the cutting edge of innovation in the Open Web3 Metaverse, anchored in privately owned digital property, through a keynote address by Yat Siu of Animoca Brands, accompanied by a panel of local experts and exciting real projects demos in our opening session. Following this, engage with top blockchain and data academics and professionals as they unveil the potential of Web3 to transform Western Australia’s economy in the burgeoning global digital marketplace. Discover the future of digital innovation right here in WA! Secure your ticket here.  See the Speakers:

    2023 Q4 1/2: SINGAPORE

    WAWEB3 is a strategic partner of the Sustainable WEB3 Conference in Singapore. Our panel highlights the exceptional economic opportunities of building  sustainable web3 infrastructure with green data centres and tokenised real estate in the region with the focus on WA and Singapore. Our visionary panel speakers included Walt Coulston and Daryl Dunbar from GreenSquareDC and Daniel Kaines from Blocksquare. More about the event here.

    2023 Q3 EVENTS


    WAWEB3 Q3 Events were filled with educational value and community engagement. Our loyal Swanessa Badge holders enjoyed priority access to exclusive events, including guest lectures in BUSN5001 Blockchain and DLT in Business at UWA, featuring prominent speakers from the web3 industry. Additionally, we co-hosted the Perth Blockchain Breakfast with Binance in collaboration with Portal Asset Management, further enriching experience for our attendees.

    2023 Q2 EVENT


    The fully online event brought WAWEB3 into the national Australian and international blockchain and WEB3 scene, as part of the Blockchain Australia Week in WA. Leading Australian and international experts explored three key issues: Legal aspects of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (Josh Hunt, Alex Konashevych, Marc Piano); Approaches to Financial Inclusion: Bitcoin and CBDCs (Prof David Lee, Milly Rowett, Dr Eric Lim); The Future of Marketing with NFT and Metaverse (Menuccia Tassone, Ashi Bhat, Lisa Teh with a keynote by Dr Leonidas Kateliaris from the University of Nicosia. The event, logistically supported by BTKN, was attended by 100 online direct participants and viewed through a livestream of Blockchain Australia globally, by assumed hundreds more.


    Navigating DAO Regulations in the WEB3 Economy - 10:30am-11:15am with Josh Hunt, Alex Konashevych and Marc Piano.

    Explore the world of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), a thriving topic in the realm of web3 and governance. Engage with top legal experts as they delve into the latest regulatory advancements in this domain, which holds paramount significance for anyone interested in the blockchain-powered decentralized economy.

    Josh Hunt (In), Principal at Nakamoto Legal

    Oleksii (Alex) Konashevych (In), Director, Australian Institute for Digital Transformation, Alex’s personal website

    Marc Piano (In), Senior Associate at Harneys

    Moderating host: Dr Andrzej Gwizdalski (In) (WAWEB3, UWA) 

    Reviewing Approaches to Financial Inclusion: Bitcoin and CBDCs 11:15am-12pm with David Lee Kuo Chuen, Milly Rowett and Eric Lim.

    Immerse yourself in the significance of financial inclusion as global experts critically analyse diverse approaches to the issue, including those proposed by Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies. Gain valuable insights into the future of inclusive finance from industry leaders.

    Prof. David Lee Kuo Chuen (In), Singapore University of Social Sciences, Global Fintech Institute 

    Ms Milly Rowett (In), Engineering Manager at Block, Bitcoin Team

    Dr Eric Lim (In), University of New South Wales

    Moderating host: Dr Andrzej Gwizdalski (In) (WAWEB3, UWA) 

    Unlocking the Possibilities of Metaverse and NFT Marketing - 12pm-12:45pm with Menuccia Tassone, Ashi Bhat and Lisa Teh.

    Discover the cutting-edge world of web3 marketing trends and gain insights from industry experts as they delve into the exciting opportunities and challenges of exploring NFTs and the Metaverse. 

    Introduction to Web3 Metaverse by Dr Leonidas Katelaris (In), Researcher at the Institute For the Future (IFF) at the University of Nicosia where you can now study world’s first Master in Metaverse and Master in Blockchain and Digital Currency.

    Menuccia Tassone (In), Co-Founder and Executive at the Western Australia Marketing Association

    Ashi Bhat (In), Web3 Founder, Marketer; See Ashi’s Publication: Native Marketer

    Lisa Teh (In), Co-Founder of Mooning & CODI Agency

    Moderating host: Dr Andrzej Gwizdalski (In) (WAWEB3, UWA) 

    2023 Q1 EVENT

    Thank You For Being With Us at the Inaugural

    2023 Western Australia Web3 Conference

    5-6 April, 2023 – The University Club of Western Australia

    The Inaugural WAWEB3 Conference on 5-6 April at the UWA UniClub has successfully and quickly put WAWEB3 on the regional map of quality web3 events. With the support and welcome speeches by Minister Stephen Dawson (JTSI) and Prof David Sadler, Vice Chancellor of Education at UWA, followed by a keynote fire-side chat between CFTO Sopnendu Mohanty (MAS) and Prof David Lee (GFI, WAWEB3), the event featured over 30 executive level speakers from the industry, academia, government and it was skilfully moderated by our members and community business leaders, including Dr Sandy Chong. The event concluded with a stylish VIP Gala Dinner at the terrace of Wonil Hotel, exclusively coordinated by the Mayor Fiona Argyle from the City of Nedlands.

    Attended by over 200 participant in two days, the conference brought the latest in web3 innovation and provided a platform for diverse stakeholders to work together on building the foundations for a new digital economy in WA and the region. The commitment of our volunteering members, sponsors, partners and the entire community was vital for the success of the event.


    Please contact us if you are interested in becoming part of this special event in the future.

    Conference program was packed with value

    The conference started with a dynamic showcase of leading international and local Web3 startups and continues with highlighting practical use cases for commerce and advertising in the metaverse. Attendees learned how web3 solutions aid in achieving sustainable development, before gathering for an open public lecture on growth opportunities through web3 education and research.  Presenters and invited guests joined for a special dinner and networking event to conclude the day.

    Day two of the conference offered the absolute latest must-know in web3 delivered in a series of thematic panels by leading experts and practitioners in their respective fields of finance, blockchain for industry and regulations of digital assets. Keynote speakers drew the big picture of benefits and challenges to web3 adoption. A sundowner cocktail at a picturesque Swan River venue closed the busy day.


    Enjoy a growing body of knowledge about web3 technologies and their broad applications in a series of our conference proceedings, articles and multimedia educational content.

    Video proceedings from the WAWEB3 Conference 2023

    In our commitment to promote web3 insight we share priceless panel discussion recorded on Day 2 of the 2023 WAWEB3 Conference.

    Video proceedings from the Blockchain Australia Week with WAWEB3 – Exploring the Web3 Economy